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Topic: Creamware Soundcard Users

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    Creamware Soundcard Users

    Anyone have used MasterVerb or MasterVerb Pro ?

    Is Good ? or not ?

    Compared with Waves ?¿?


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    Re: Creamware Soundcard Users

    I use it a little on Tobias\' G-Town church percussion (yeah hehe) and such - it\'s not bad, it\'s not good. It\'s closer to bad than good though.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Creamware Soundcard Users

    Hi Simon, well, the Masterverb is out. Now i have a Creamware Luna II and i can route an external reverb unit to apply realtime reverb for gigastudio. (if i\'m wrong please tell me, i have no idea of the Creamware stuff)

    The question is :

    Lexicon MPX500 or TC M-ONE XL ? ¿other?

    limit of: 500 Euros.

    Thanks Simon.


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    Re: Creamware Soundcard Users

    I agree that Masterverb is far from being the best verb... But Paul Tanti as a free verb called PT96KFREE which sound very good indeed, specialy for acoustics instruments (from piano to clarinet, etc...), and is fully controllable. I mean by that, that you have enough knob on it to get the sound you want. But i bet a real lexicon is still better....

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    Re: Creamware Soundcard Users

    Ok, Masterverb out... and Masterverb PRO ?


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    Re: Creamware Soundcard Users

    I didn\'t try it personnaly, but very knowledgable and reliable peoples at www.planetz.com/forums say it is very good, and CAN compare with high end lexicon etc...

    But again, as the PT96KFREE is free, and sounding very very good, i won\'t buy it for now anyway....

    I\'m very pleased with Paul Tanti\'s work. He\'s very good at this, and also he has some very high end (too high? ;0) verbs for all tastes. Those verbs are so well done, that some peoples buy a pulsar2 JUST to run one of those and use it as a hardware verb (routing in/out of the pulsar...

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