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Topic: WinXP and Soundblaster Live

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    WinXP and Soundblaster Live

    Is it possible to use SB Live with GS on OS: WinXP

    Gigastudio 160 can\'t find my soundblaster live in WinXP. Had no problems in Win98SE

    Help please

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    Re: WinXP and Soundblaster Live

    the live is not compatable with XP and giga, There is a great card that is way better for pretty cheap called M-audio Audiophile 24/96 that sounds great, I\'ve seen it listed for 149 on several web sites. Also if you decide on a new card check to ensure it is Gsif compatable. I think the Echo and M-audio are the cheaper of the bunch for the best quality. I\'ll look for the link I used to know of that tested all different cards to show compatibilty and post it.

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    Re: WinXP and Soundblaster Live

    Thanks for the info žETH

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