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Topic: Digital Sync / Sound Card Question

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    Re: Digital Sync / Sound Card Question

    In my project studio I have 4 adat cards plus a digital mixer:

    Frontier Dakota + Montana
    Frontier Wavecenter Pci
    2 x Oasys

    I regularly use all together. The Oasii have WC ins, as does the Dakota (IIRC the WC comes from the Montana expansion). I had fits when I tried to use WC via the coax video cabling.

    It took me a while to find a solid, clean configuration, but now all is easy. Now I use no coax WC, just WC via lightpipe, no problems.

    For me there are many ways I could route all my signals and get WC that don\'t work 100%, and just a couple that do (pure lightpipe). There\'s not a lot of logic behind what works and what doesn\'t, my only advice is I wouldn\'t expect good results from feeding a signal from a device that uses a 3rd generation regenerated clock back into a device that\'s using a 1st generation clock signal. YMMV.

    My full layout uses 9 lightpipe cables + 2 spdif, plus a drawing on the wall to remind me what goes where and how everybody is clocked...

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    Digital Sync / Sound Card Question

    Hi... As I am putting together some stand alone gigastudio pc\'s - I am wondering what to do about soundcards. I run a completely digital studio with a houseclock (aardsync).

    The question is... if I save money and buy a card without word in (like Fronteir or Gina) and rely on the gigas getting the sync over adat, will I run into serious digital clicks/pops/bad sync? (Versus spending much more for the Hammerfall - the only card I know that has the word in.... I guess a second question to anyone would be ... is there another gsif compatable card with word in that is cheaper???) I would prefer to buy the cheaper card and am hoping that sending clock down the adat pipe will be adequate. Anyone out there have experience or advice with this???


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