I have a very disturbing problem with my pc.
I haven\'t been making music for a while, and yesterday I was going through some of my older and newer stuff, and found out that my computer can\'t play my songs correctly anymore!!

I use a pretty big setup:
A soundbank in GS160 with about 3.5-4.0gb worth of instruments, and some audio instruments in logic audio + effects (also running pulsar2 x 2 with some effects, synths, mixer etc..

All this on a tbird 1.33ghz, a7v266 mainboard, 768 mb ddr266 ram, win98se, gigastudio 2.5, logic audio 4.8.1, pulsar 3.1c (latest version).

Now my gigastudio instruments and the audio instruments in logic audio stutters most of the time during playback, and especially during my bigger arrangement parts. (Most parts are listenable, but you can almost always hear stuttering in the background, like the computer is running out of \"gas\") It used to play everything perfect before.

I have reason to be believe that my computer was overheated a couple of years ago (some computer illiterate used my pc...), and my scsi harddrive that is used for gigasample playback seem a bit \"tricky\" afterwards, but then functioned ok for quite a while. But now, something is obviously wrong. Could it be that the giga harddrive is showing premature ageing signs because of some overheating in the past, or could this be something else? Is there any way to check the harddrive to see whether this may be the case or not? Any other suggestions? bad combination of software versions, other problems? I

I\'m planning on upgrading my system, but still it\'s pretty obvious that I need to know what\'s wrong now, so that my new upgraded system also only works on half the capacity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!