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Topic: Edirol PCR-50 velocity curves

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    Edirol PCR-50 velocity curves

    Is anyone using the Edirol PCR-50 as a
    midi controller? I\'ve noticed that it seems to be very hard to play without having louder notes popping out. I\'ve especially noticed this when trying to play an orchestral instrument like oboe, clarinet or bassoon. I can play softly, but when I try to get gradually louder the velocity curves aren\'t letting me get gradually louder
    without notes really popping out all over the place.


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    Re: Edirol PCR-50 velocity curves


    Exactly, That\'s why I\'m looking for a new keyboard-something like the Roland A-37.



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    Re: Edirol PCR-50 velocity curves

    Seems to be a problem with most cheap controllers? My Evolution keyboard does the same, so I play most of my parts on the digital piano instead.

    Really sucks though, you spend quite a bit of money on such a thing and it turns out to be crappy and useless. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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