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Topic: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

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    Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    If anyone happens to know of any reason not to use a Tascam/Frontier card with an MSI 845GE motherboard, please speak now - I\'m getting tired of forever holding my piece (with a MOTU set-up that just isn\'t working on my Giga machine).

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?


    I can\'t really help you but I wonder if you could say a lttle about what\'s not working since this is where I\'m heading.

    Are you using the Motu stuff on the way into your Mac? What card do you have on the windows machine?


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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    I\'m using the MOTU system on the Windows machine! The Mac has Pro Tools MIX cards.

    What I was hoping to do is ditch my digital mixer, since the new MOTU card (PCI 424) has built-in converter-latency-only mixing and I only use the digital mixer for monitoring and routing. But alack.

    The MOTU system is playing back Giga under internal sync, but as soon as you try to sync it to anything else or add a second interface it goes boom. As it is, it often takes several restarts before the system gets up and running, so I\'ve just been leaving it on. And I\'ve been using analog outs, because I don\'t want to run my whole system from that clock.

    But I\'ve also read at least one internet report from someone who has the MOTU stuff working on a Windows machine of some kind, so it may just be that they haven\'t updated their software to work with the collection of junk I\'m using. I did try and stay as mainstream as possible (Intel processor and chipset), but so far it isn\'t a happening thing.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    I should add that the MOTU stuff is great on a Mac, so I may just dedicate an old machine to running it as my mixer. Also, I\'d be using a HUI to control Pro Tools and now Logic - the MOTU \"mixer\" just uses a little utility program.

    Or I may ditch the whole idea if it turns out to be too much of a PITA. The CueMix Console software, as it\'s called, could still use a couple of niceities like text fields to label inputs.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    Yeah, this stuff can be a real PITA for sure. I\'m trying to wrap my feeble brain around this new (for me) way of hooking the studio up. I\'m running Mac/DP as my main sequencer and then running Giga into it as a standalone sampler just the same way you are. It\'s a challenge to be able to visualize the best solution when oftentimes that can only come after working with the setup for a while and realizing where the limitations lay.

    I\'m thinking of a Hamerfall or some such card with lightpipes out (3 banks) hooking that up to each giga machine and then into a 2408 on the Mac side, put up with Cuemix, call it a done deal and get back to writing.

    Sounds like you might need to ditch the Motu stuff on the PC side. You can get a decent card pretty cheaply and then use the Motu stuff for monitoring (as you said)

    Jud Crane (a giga turnkey guy) just recommended a Frontier designs Wavecenter card to me (one lightpipe bank, SPDIF and 32 midi channels, @$300.) Of course this probably doesn\'t fit your needs but perhaps says something about the Frontier cards being good.

    Anyway, good luck and let me know how it\'s going.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    Thanks Michael. The Frontier card I\'m getting in has one TDIF and S/PDIF, and it actually does fit my needs - if I use the MOTU system as a mixer on another machine.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    The Frontier (rebranded as Tascam PCI-822) just dropped in and worked. MIDI and audio.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    Originally posted by Nick Batzdorf:
    The Frontier (rebranded as Tascam PCI-822) just dropped in and worked. MIDI and audio.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi, I\'m looking for a card with Tdif I/O and the only cheap card that I know would be the Tascam 822. But you guys say that this card is the same as the Frontier Wavesomething , so I went to the Frontier Designs web site and I coudn\'t find any card with T dif I/O there.
    Can anyone clarify this issue?
    Tks a lot.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    I\'d really want too know what\'s going on.

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    Re: Frontier + 845GE board anyone?

    It\'s a Tascam product, that\'s what\'s going on. The WaveCenter is the same thing with ADAT I/O.

    There\'s nothing fishy about anything; Tascam doesn\'t hide that it\'s made by Frontier or anything!

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