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Topic: Need a cheap analog audio card w/gsif

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    Need a cheap analog audio card w/gsif

    Hi, I\'m building a giga machine for a student and need a cheap but servicable audio card (maybe 4 outs?) to complete the project. There was a thread on the Tascam site a couple of months ago for a British card (three letter name?) but of course that site is closed. Any help out there? Thanks, jc

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    Re: Need a cheap analog audio card w/gsif

    Echo Audio Mia-Midi is a good choice I think. It\'s less than $200, has 4 in and out (balnced), SPDIF, and MIDI. I have the older Mia (without midi), has worked great on a variety of computers running 98SE and XP pro and Gigastudio.

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    Re: Need a cheap analog audio card w/gsif

    If you want a real cheap, but relatively decent, sound card, try Creative\'s Audigy 1, which you can pick up now for about $30. Use the Kx drivers available for free on the net and you\'ll get GSIF to run Giga.

    I have to ask, however, why GigaStudio? It\'s pretty outdated now and costs quite a bit more than Kontakt (which doesn\'t need the GSIF drivers either). One of my machines runs Kontakt with an old Audigy card at 5 ms latency in ASIO.

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    Re: Need a cheap analog audio card w/gsif


    have a look here... delta 44 has 4 ins and 4 outs..£ 144.99


    And its better than the live without the need for 3rd party drivers.

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