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Topic: Athlon MP 1900+

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    Athlon MP 1900+

    Definitly OT but I was hoping someone here would know where I could find a new or slightly used AMD Athlon MP 1900+ CPU. Athlon discontinued them and I have a dual MOBO with a missing CPU.

    It has become very hard to locate any, so I figured I\'d ask here...

    Thank you

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    Re: Athlon MP 1900+

    When I google \"athlon MP 1900+ price\", I see a number of links purporting to have it available retail/boxed for $150 to $200. Here\'s a couple:



    - Keith

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    Re: Athlon MP 1900+


    thanks for the links but unfortunately they are absolete as far as the MP 1900+ is concerned.
    AMD discontinued the 1900+ a couple of months ago so I\'m hoping to get a tip from someone who knows someone...
    I\'m also willing to swap with someone that owns a 1900+ for a brand new 2000+ that I own but that my mobo doesn\'t support.

    Keeping my fingers crossed... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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