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Topic: Keyboard

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    I am looking to add a keyboard for triggering my piano samples. I use GS96 with the latest update and WinXP home. I want to purchase a keyboard that is 88-key with weighted action and all the latest midi capabilities etc., etc. Is there a preferred product for this type setup?


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    Re: Keyboard

    Why don\'t you get one of those Fatar SL900 or SL1000 thingy-mah-deals? That\'s what I\'d buy if I had the money. I think you can find them new on ebay for $500.

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    Re: Keyboard

    I think Yamaha\'s have the best feel, IMO. I think the S90 is much more authentic than anything else on the market. Of course, it\'s the full deal with (decent) sounds, sequencer, etc., so that may be overkill for you. Friend of mine bought one about 9 months ago for $1700 at guitar center on sale, but I\'m seeing it listed on zzounds for $1900.

    - Keith

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    Re: Keyboard

    I have a Fatar SL-880 pro which I bought for about $600.00 new from www.americanmusical.com
    It has a terrific feel and is built like a tank has pitch bend and mod wheels, 2 midi outs, aftertouch, 4 zones. I highly recommend!

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    Re: Keyboard

    I have used the keyboard to trigger all sorts of samples, primarily played through Kontakt or Edirol Orchestral VST. I had an older version of the controller years ago and had used the Gigapiano samples quite well. Now days I do not have a dedicated piano sample set. I am very impressed with the velocity sensitivity on the controller and the action is fantastic, not cheap feeling at all. I have studied piano performance and know what a good piano action should feel like, this is about as good as it gets for a controller.

    On another note, the only down side to the controller is the primative interface for changing settings. You have a series of 10 LEDs that designate the different parameters; select the one you want to change and enter the value by pressing keys numbered in the middle octave of the keyboard.

    That aside, I think this is the best investment. Great action, solid construction, cheap price! I hope that helps.



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    Re: Keyboard

    Thank you for the information regarding the Fatar SL880 Pro. I will go to a music center and evaluate one asap.


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