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Topic: Help! MIDI stops working after a while

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    Help! MIDI stops working after a while

    My MIDI stops working after I run GigaStudio
    for a while. I have to disable and re-enable
    the MIDI device using XP Device Manager in order
    to get MIDI comes back to life. I am get my
    MIDI interface via my sound card. When MIDI
    stops working, the audio portion of the sound
    card continues to work.

    I have 2 different sound cards (from the same
    manufacturer though). Both exhibit the same
    problem. It is probably not a sound card
    hardware issue.

    I have already tried many things but none
    seems to help. Does any one have any idea
    of how I should troubleshoot this problem?


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    Re: Help! MIDI stops working after a while

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the same thing.


    Dean Parker

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    Re: Help! MIDI stops working after a while

    Not really. But I have some info here that may
    be useful to you. So, read on.

    I went through all the running processes on my
    machine and removed the ones that I don\'t really
    need. For example, things like Norton Anti-virus
    automatic updates should be disabled. After I
    cut down one-third of my processes, I notice
    that my MIDI runs longer before failing.

    Also, I usually see the failure when I am playing
    big samples of something like 1.5 G or bigger.
    Since I only have 512M Ram, I suspect it may
    run better with more Ram. So, I am planning
    to increase my memory to 1G Ram to see if that
    helps. But I have not gotten to it yet. I am
    waiting for Ram sale :-) Hopefully, I will get
    to it in the next few weeks.

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    Re: Help! MIDI stops working after a while

    After I upgraded my RAM from 512M to 1G, the
    failure goes away.

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