Hi all, I did some search on MTLC.com and found few midi controllers which fits in my price range and needs - I think.

They are:

* Oxygen 8 - http://www.mtlc.net/main.php?a=Products&ShowItem=389&b=All
* PC 300 Keyboard (Roland Ed) - http://www.mtlc.net/main.php?a=Products&ShowItem=481&b=All
* PC-70 (Edirol) - http://www.mtlc.net/main.php?a=Products&ShowItem=979&b=All
* PCR-30 (Edirol) - http://www.mtlc.net/main.php?a=Products&ShowItem=801&b=All
* PCR-50 (Edirol) - http://www.mtlc.net/main.php?a=Products&ShowItem=805&b=All

Could you share your oppinion about these products, and if you have other suggestions please let me know (Max $250).

Btw. It needs to be easy to setup with Cubase/Kontakt.

Thanks in advance!