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Topic: RME HDSP9632

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    Re: RME HDSP9632

    Used both a AarkLX6 and Mixtreme with great giga performance on XP. But non-giga XP problems.

    Got a Tascam FW-1884 on the way which looks like the ticket. Let you know when it gets here.

    Looked at the M-audio Firewire-410. But M-audio tech support told me no gsif drivers yet. Odd because, though I don\'t speak German, maudio.de says otherwise.


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    RME HDSP9632

    Anyone have any experience with the new RME HDSP9632 sound card? I assume it performs similar to the HDSP9652, but has analog I/O, so anty experiences with that would be helpful as well. I have heard some people have problem with the on-board midi with these cards.

    Any other recommendations for sound card for use with Gigastudio on Windows XP would be appreciated. Must have at leat two channels of analog for monitoring, 8 channels of ADAT, word clock, midi optional. Mic pre\'s not required.

    So far I have tried a Creamware Pulsar 2 - very buggy, and an Aardvark Aark24, which I couldn\'t get to work at all with GStudio 2.53+ (Aardvark tech support knows about this problem but a fix is still a long way off). What are others using that they are happy with?

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