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Topic: Hard drive format question

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    Hard drive format question

    I just installed a second hard drive on a computer running W2K (Intel D845EBG2 mobo). It\'s a 120 gig Seagate and after I formatted the drive it shows that it has 111 gigs available. I know formatting takes up some hard drive space, but is this number of available gigabytes right or should I have more available?

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    Re: Hard drive format question

    i have the same problem but with a SCSI HD.
    My Cheetah, with 9 GB, after formated falls to 8 GB. Unfortunately, i never could change this!

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    Re: Hard drive format question

    Thank you Edmundo and thank you Haydn.
    I\'ve formatted a few 80 gig drives on a similar system that end up with about 74 gigs of available space. So I assume 111 left over from the 120 is about right.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Hard drive format question

    Your drive is formatting properly. There is a differences in how GB are figured out between Windows and the drive manufactures. The drive manufacturers use 1000 KB=1 MB and Microsoft uses 1024 KB=1MB.

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