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Topic: Power supplies

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    Power supplies

    Hi all,

    Why is it recommended that power supplies for Giga/Audio PC systems be 400W or more? Many rack cases come standard with 300W. Not enough?


    John Z.

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    Re: Power supplies

    300 *SHOULD* be kosher.

    I\'ve built quite a few rack mount ones and the few times the power supplies where lower than 180 ~ 240 Watts - stuff got REEEEEAL screwy.

    Would work for a while then freez - load up then as soon as a mouse was moved the screen would go fuzzy. Crashes. Every time - EVERY TIME when all I did after this was pop in a beefy power supply:


    Mr Watt (that zaney Scottish madan) was a rockin\' dude!!


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    Re: Power supplies

    Thanks Silicon,

    I notice on some threads here and from the custom Giga system builders, that people are putting in 400W ps in their systems.

    Alot of rack encloseres have 300 or 350, thats why I asked.


    John Z.

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    Re: Power supplies

    That 350 watt PS should be fine.

    I don\'t think this power supply thing is indigenous to Giga studio but It WILL want peak performance from hard drives and cpu.

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    Re: Power supplies

    If you use the latest AMD processors the minimum is 300 watts.

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    Re: Power supplies

    A very good article and review of power supplies: http://www6.tomshardware.com/howto/20021021/

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