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Topic: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

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    Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card


    I have been using soundfonts with an Audigy 2 card running windows 98 SE and I want to use gigasampler format for my composing.

    I have just purchased the Symphonic Strings Collection in gigasampler format and I need a soundcard which can play it!! Can anyone recommend some good sound cards and tell me what I need to get started, such as other software (if necessary) as I don\'t know anything about Gigasampler! I\'d be grateful for some help.



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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    While deciding on an alternate card, if that\'s the route you\'re heading, you can try the KX drivers for the Audigy 2, which will give you GSIF support. Go to: http://www.kxproject.com

    Haven\'t used these myself, but I\'ve heard good things from other people.

    - Keith

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card


    I personally wouldn\'t recommend the KX live drivers.

    I have a friend who is fighting a losing battle with them at the moment. They seem quite unstable running windows XP and cubase sx.

    There are many great and cheap cards on sale at the moment that would help you. It all depends on what you need from the card.. Ie midi inputs, how many channels, digital in\'s/outs etc... I can strongly recomend any of the Delta cards from M - Audio. They are very good and wont break the bank. http://www.m-audio.com/

    Have a look [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If you want more specific information about the problems with the KX drivers let me know.

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    On the software side, as long as you have a sequencer (such as:
    cubase http://www.cubase.com
    sonar http://www.cakewalk.com
    logic: http://www.emagic.de
    Then you should be ok with just gigasampler.

    There are \"light\" versions of this software that can also be purchased on a budget.

    As to linking it all together.. well giga will install its own midi ports \"Virtually\" on the PC. These can be accsesed from the sequencer.

    Gigasampler is really am older version of gigastudio. It can be used as a standalone..(I think) or in a sequencer.

    Another thing to think about is how your going to write music...ie...using a controller keyboard or using a raw notation program...such as the excellent Finale http://www.finalemusic.com/

    give us a list of your studio or what you want to do. It will give us all something to work with [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    Originally posted by ninriggs:

    I personally wouldn\'t recommend the KX live drivers.

    I have a friend who is fighting a losing battle with them at the moment. They seem quite unstable running windows XP and cubase sx.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I used an Audigy 1 and the Kx drivers for quite awhile in XP (with Sonar) and GigaStudio and they worked like a dream. Earlier versions gave me problems, but the newer ones worked just fine.

    I think they\'re at least worth a shot. If they don\'t work for you, then you can switch to another soundcard. But if they DO work -- problem solved.

    EDIT: I notice you\'re using Win 98. I believe GigaStudio works with creative soundcards in 98 without the GSIF drivers. I would recommend, however, that you upgrade to XP. It\'s a solid, stable OS, unlike 98.

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card


    The audigy 2 should work really well. The soundcard my friend is using is the original live! card.

    I havent used Sibelius 2, however im sure it will allow you to connect to internal and external midi ports. This should allow you to use gigasampler for your final mix.

    Rob, I think the problem lies elsewhere in the machine. But i (personally) havent seen much joy with them. Im happy you had good use out of them. They do seem to be very technical drivers.

    Jonny, do you want to upgrade your card or are you asking about other cards because of any fears for the audigy? The reason i ask is so we can help you more with the audigy if you wish to keep the card..

    Just a pointer, i would aslo agree with Rob about windows XP. It does seem more stable than microdaft\'s previous offerings.

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    Wow guys thanks for the quick reply!

    To give you a little more info: I compose with Finale 98 but I will be starting to use Sibelius 2 this month. I won\'t put a keyboard in, I shall click in the notes manually with the mouse - I prefer it that way!

    I will be writing parts for full orchestra in Midi in Sibelius 2 and then I want to create mp3 files of the work with the giga sampled sounds (in GSIF format).

    Does anyone suggest a new sound card? or will my Audigy 2 card work if I can get hold of the GSIF drivers??



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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    Thanks Riggs for your help - I appreciate it.

    I would really like to keep the audigy card but the Manager of Sonic Implant (the makers of the symphonic strings collection said it may not work, but I don\'t know if he knows about the KX drivers - but I\'m gonna give it a go and let you know... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I haven\'t received it yet, as I had the symphonic strings on soundfont format but my sound card didn\'t like it much. When I tried to load the soundfont banks they wouldn\'t load properly. This was when I decided to convert to Gigasampler format, as I think it will be better in the long run!

    The reason I want it to work soon is cos I have time off over Christmas, and I would like to write some CDs of my music with the new sounds - so it sounds like a proper orchestra - not too synthetic!

    Riggs, you mentioned about internal and external port (which sibelius and finale support). How do you get gigasampler to go through the ports? I am completely new to this format and have only been used to using soundfonts and loading them in banks to play MIDI sounds. I guess gigasampler is different as it streams from the hard drive (am I right?). I would be grateful if you could tell me how to \"work\" the gigasampler sounds. Do I need gigastudio or something like it?



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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    Giga studio and gigasampler work by creating \"Virtual\" midi ports on the machine. (if you look in fanale for example, when you load it the software asks you what the default midi in will be and what the default midi out will be)

    You will have something similar set up with the live card in the machine. It does this so that you can use the sounds using a sequencer or when playing back Midi sounds in an audio player.. such as windows media player.

    When you load gigastudio it inserts some midi ports into the operating system. Again this is done so you can control the channels in giga with your sequencer.

    If your using something like finale, you should be able to select these ports to use as \"Midi outs\"

    Then when you write your music, the computer just sends the raw midi data to these ports.

    it lists them as Nemesys midi out 1 - 4

    1 -4 represend ports in giga. The more midi ports it creates then the more seperate channels you will have available to you.

    each Port = 16 channels.

    if your using windows 98. you can check this from the control panel under START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL then goto your sound / audio / config panel and there should be a section that will show you the ports installed for midi. Another way would be to right click on the speaker icon down by your clock in the bottom right of the desktop. Select \"adjust audio properties\" then in the box you should be able to change the default midi device. By looking in there you can tell what midi devices are installed on the machine.

    If foe example you were playing some music and you loaded a violin into giga.. it would (by default) by on port one - channel one ie

    port 1
    channel 1
    channel 2
    channel 3
    channel 4
    channel 5
    channel 6
    channel 7
    channel 8
    channel 9
    channle 10 (Normally used for drums in general midi)
    channel 11
    channel 12
    channel 13
    channel 14
    channel 15
    channel 16

    then moves to port 2



    as long as your selecting the port in your sequencer/notation program...it should send the data to whatever midi device you select.

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    Re: Looking for a GSIF compatible sound card

    Brilliant! I wanna try it out now, but I have get a copy of Gigastudio to work the sounds. I think I\'ll try Tascam\'s Gigastudio 160. Is this a good bet? My guess is that its probably going to be fine for large orchestras.

    I\'ve seen a quote for $479, is that the cheapest around?

    Take care, and thanks again for your help? By the way, are you a composer?


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