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Topic: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

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    Hooking 2 pcs together ?


    Ok I am getting another pc tomorrow, so now what I need to know is how to hook them up so I can record digitally into the new one. Also, how would I go about using one for GS and one for Cakewalk (or is there a better way)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

    As with most things, there are many possibilities…

    At the very least, you’ll need a sound card in each machine with digital I/O. In the Giga machine, that sound card will need to have a GSIF interface in the driver.

    You’ll also need a way to get MIDI data back and forth. This can be with a hardware MIDI interface in each machine, or over an Ethernet network.

    You’ll defiantly want to network the two machines. If you just have two, all you need are two NICs and a crossover cable. Might as well go Gigabyte LAN.

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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

    When you say ethernet network, what exactly do you mean? I have high speed cable internet now.

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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

    \"Ethernet\" is a standard of connecting two or more computers together so that they can share data. It comprises of a a very specific data format and a standard hardware connection, in this case using an RJ-45 connector--which is like a phone jack but with eight wires instead of four.

    Your cable modem connects to your computer in one of two ways: either via USB or through a network interface, which can be on a separate expansion card or hard-wired onto the motherboard. If it\'s connected via network, then you have one more item to get before you can connect your two computers AND the Internet: a switch. A switch is a specialized network device which directs traffic to and from two separate banks of network devices. One side usually only has one connector--this is to connect to things outside your local network, i.e. your cable modem. The other side has a bank of network connections to connect the computers in your network.

    A switch is neither cheap or expensive: they\'re somewhere around $90, while network cards are $10-15.

    If the cable modem is connected via USB, then as Bill says you can pick up what\'s called a crossover network cable. A crossover matches the ins and outs within the cable rather than within a hardware device. In that instance I believe you could only share the Internet connection via Windows software--I\'m sure there\'s more expertise here on that kind of subject.

    That\'s a relatively high-level overview. So...whatcha got? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?


    To run a sequencer on one PC and GS on another, like Bill said, you need to get the Midi output of your sequencer virtually connected to the GS applications input. MidiOverLan and an ethernet cable will do this for you. MidiOverLan will cost you $59 http://www.musiclab.com/products/rpl_info.htm An ethernet cable about $6.

    Each of your PCs has an ethernet port(one port handles both directions of data). You are currently using the Ethernet port on the PC your Cable Modem is connected with. So, you are going to need to buy an Ethernet Router/Hub (about $50 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004SB92/102-4784700-5296137?v=glance ). I buy Linksys - they are reliable and setup is very automatic.

    So your configuration will look like this: Each PC and your Cable Modem will be connected to the Router via an ethernet cable. You will run some SW that comes with your Router which will configure your system. After you have connectivity and set each PC up to share files (you will want to move GS rendered files from the GS PC to the Cakewalk PC), each PC will be able to see each others files, have access to the internet and communicate with the other. Now, you install MidiOverLan on each PC. On the Cakewalk PC, you set up the \"send To LAN\" to send to the GS PC and v-v on the GS PC. In Cakewalk, for each midi track, you will now see the option to select the MOL channel as a midi output (just like you can any midi HW or SW on that PC). BTW, you will create a MOL channel for each GS port i.e. if you have GS96 you will create 2 MOL channels.

    That\'s a quick overview. OF course your GSIF sound dard must be on the GS PC. I think FXTeleport will do the same and more as MOL does.

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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

    MidiOverLan is exactly what I have been looking for except that I am wanting to connect a MAC to a PC. Anyone know if there is a mac equivalent to this program out there?

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    Re: Hooking 2 pcs together ?

    Is there any advantage to using two midi cards compared to MidioverLan? Does the virtual midi cause any conflicts with GS?

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