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Topic: Anybody Tried M-Audio's Ozone ???

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    Anybody Tried M-Audio\'s Ozone ???

    I\'m looking seriously for a controller/audio interface for my P4 2.8GHz music laptop (1 GB RAM). The Ozone looks like an optimum little package - audio and keyboard in one package - though it\'s two octave span will preclude full piano LH/RH performance ....

    Anybody tried the Ozone? How does the audio sound through headphones? Latency? Driver maturity?

    The alternative might be separate audio and keyboard controllers. M-Audio Audiophile USB, and M-Audio 61 key Radium USB midi controller?

    I\'d appreciate any input. The right gear with my laptop - and GPO - should be a dynamite little system.

    Thanks for any thoughts,

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    Re: Anybody Tried M-Audio\'s Ozone ???

    Trond, there is a review here;


    One big drawback is that Ozone wont take batteries and needs a power supply at all times.

    No good for taking GPO to the beach. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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