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Topic: Problem with KVM, USB keyboard and PC

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    Problem with KVM, USB keyboard and PC


    I recently bought 2 used PC\'s to run GigaStudio standalone, and have also bought a USB KVM switcher so that I could use the same monitor/keyboard with the 2 PC\'s and my B&W Mac G3.

    I\'m using the keyboard and mouse that came with my Mac, and things are working fine with the G3. However, the one PC that I have plugged (I\'ll tackle the other one later!) doesn\'t respond to either the keyboard or the mouse. I have tried plugging the mouse directly in the PC\'s USB port but that didn\'t work either, so I guess the problem is not the KVM box.

    I am totally unfamiliar with PC\'s and Windows (I mean *total* newbie), but I would suppose that it is a driver problem? The OS installed on the PC is Windows XP Professional. I thought that it would have some generic drivers that work with any USB keyboard/mouse, but maybe that\'s not the case.

    So I guess my questions are:

    - Is it likely a problem of not having a proper driver installed?

    - If so, can I find a driver that would allow me to keep using my Mac\'s USB keyboard and mouse?

    - Do I need to buy a new keyboard/mouse with an included driver? If so, does anyone have a suggestion for a stylish looking keyboard? :-)

    - If it\'s unlikely to be a driver problem, any clues on what it could be?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Problem with KVM, USB keyboard and PC

    I hope this does not come out wrong, but are you sure your activating the other computer? for example on my set up, I have to push the scroll lock key 2 times quickly to access the other computer. Also make sure the primary computer is on.

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    Re: Problem with KVM, USB keyboard and PC

    Well, based on what I have seen in the past, and without knowing exactly which KVM you are using, I\'d suggest that it is more likely an issue with the USB drivers on the PC. KVM\'s normally require no drivers that I have seen in the past, with the KVM itself actually respoding to the keystrokes (such as double scroll lock, or ctrl-alt-# etc) before it gets to the computer.
    Does the PC work fine when it is just the keyboard and mouse plugged in directly, without the KVM? Also what sort of KVM is it? On the off chance, did it come with any driver disk?


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