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Topic: So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

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    So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you all had a very merry christamas. First of all, I picked up an Audiophile 2496 card for my new computer which has been working really well. I would highly reccomend it to any of you who (like me) are on a tight budget, the card goes for about $149. It truly is much better than the hassle of those KX drivers. Now to my problem.... I load up gigastudio 160 v 2.5 just fine, although it seems like it\'s taking much longer to load a few of my libraries than it did on my old pc. When I try to do a wav capture, my computer restarts, sometimes when I take out a loaded instrument or library to make room for a new one, my computer restarts. On top of that, after about 5 minutes or so I get some pretty bad lag with my midi controller, very bad lag actually, though right when I load giga up, I have almost 0 latency thanks to that new card. So, anyone know what the problem might be? My computer also restarts sometimes when I try to access other programs as well. Thank you so much for all the help and advice so far, I REALLY appreciate it!

    Im running windows XP, 1 GB of ram, and a P4 2.8


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    Re: So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

    Hi Rich:

    Had similar problems earlyer in the fall, turned out to be a virus. Check out MS virus problems downloads, there is a small program available also on the McAffee sites to see if you have one of the bugs. My inquiry turned up that I do have one, removed it with a program from MS and I was OK.
    Good luck with your card ( make sure you have the latest driver for it installed) I have the same card and like it very much.
    Good luck.


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    Re: So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

    Sounds like MS Blaster. Probably the easiest way to search for that is do a file search for files containing the word blaster


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    Re: So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

    your search for blaster will be more successfull if you search for msblast.exe in the process tab of the taskmanager, on your harddrive in c:\\windows\\system32\\ or in the registry\'s run-section.
    but it looks to me like the original problem would be more a conflict between gigastudios *monitor file activity* and the indexing service of XP - i\'d recommend to disable both to track down the source of the problem, or at least exclude both from the list of suspicious sources

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    Re: So far so good.. but... Giga restarts my computer

    Thanks for the info guys. After doing quite a bit of research on my problem and other samplers just in case I decided to \"cross over\" yesturday and picked up Kompakt at guitar center, which Im VERY impressed with so far.


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