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Topic: PC conecting issues

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    PC conecting issues

    I just got a new PC about a year ago (1.4 GHz, 512 max RAM [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] LAptop) and I am just wanted to know if it is possible to network 2 PCs so they can somehow share the tasks I do. I have Cubase SX and Halion as the main programs I run. Also do you think it would be a better idea just to give up and get a G5? Thanks, Nick

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    Re: PC conecting issues

    I know on Linux there are Beowulf clusters that will share an app across the network, and with a lot of other app\'s that can do it, but the way they work would be quite messy for this sort of situation. So in another words I\'d say no...

    As for a G5, by all reports they are very good but do you really need it? If you don\'t have that much of a budget, it may be good enough just to get a good PC and decent soundcard?

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