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Topic: Aardvark 24/96: Keep it or sell it?

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    Aardvark 24/96: Keep it or sell it?

    I am currently using two Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 cards. While they have a combined total of 8 preamps, with phantom power, 24 bit 110 db D/A converters and 100 db A/D converters, I am wondering if I should keep them?

    I am pretty much just doing sax/clarinet/vocal recordings. I just purchased a grace pre-amp, and have a Rode NT2000, and cascade vx20. Would it really be worth investing in a better set of converters, such as those found in a Lynx L22, for my applications? Or is the difference in quality negligible?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Aardvark 24/96: Keep it or sell it?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Question: How happy are you with your recordings???
    Second thought: go to a store and ask if you can record something there with a different card & then compare...
    warm regards

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