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Topic: FXT or V-Stack?

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    FXT or V-Stack?

    I\'m looking at running QLSO Platinum and VSL across 4 machines. I already have 4 audio cards for each machine... I have 3 Audiophile 24/96\'s and one Delta 66 on my SX2 machine.

    I know V-Stack would save me some money, but what is more stable and easier to use in the long run? (I also need to buy 3 additional licenses for GigaStudio... OUCH!!!)

    My question is: What would be the simplest route to take? FXTeleport or V-Stack?



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    Re: FXT or V-Stack?

    If expense is an issue, make sure to consider that 4 machines using FX-T would probably be best used on a Gigabit LAN. If you don\'t already have one, that would be an additional expense, as opposed to simply using the audiophiles you already have. On the other hand, a Linksys 5-port Gbit switch is only $106.00 atm (search www.pricewatch.com for a price in that range), and I\'ve found some 3Com Gbit NICs for about $30 each.

    I\'m getting rid of my audiophiles and going FX-T. I\'d like to keep everything digital, and with the Giga3 wrapper sometime soon, I think it will be worth it. For the time being, maybe utilize what you have and just get the less expensive V-Stack setup working.

    It\'s a shame that the money would be wasted, if you did eventually go FX-T, and it seems to me that 4 machines running V-Stack would cost roughly half of what a Gigabit switch, cards, and FX-T would to install on 4. Maybe spending the extra would be worth it? I dunno, just some thoughts if it\'s helpful.


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    Re: FXT or V-Stack?

    Hey Mike,

    Yeah, I\'m already setup on a Gigabit LAN connection, so thats one less expense at the moment.


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