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Topic: IDE controller suggestion?

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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    Have you tried simply going directly to the motherboard? Sometimes, even though the spec is technically lower than these cards, going direct can sometimes be an improvement. If the card he just reccomended doesn\'t work for you, try direct to the MB if you have not yet. Having the hard drive acessing the PCI bus and competing with the audio card streams can sometimes actually backfire and not be all that efficient.

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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    Thanks guys.

    Initially, i tried to run the drive off of the MB. it was recognized and formatted out to capacity. unfortunately, when i started loading my samples on the drive, they became corrupted when i crossed over 137GB (twice).

    as far as i could tell, the MB claimed to offer support for the extra large drives, but it was a no go.

    i read on the RME site that certain PCI devices can hog all the bandwidth of the bus, causing problems, but i can\'t find any utitlity to configure this IDE card not to do so, so i\'m thinking i\'ll try a different one that has worked for someone else.

    that said, i\'m not convinced that it will fix the problem, but at this point, i\'ve been trying to get this machine up for several weeks, and will try anything.


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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    Depending on your budget Jon, you could go for a new motherboard with onboard SATA I just bought one yesterday and it screams along.

    Some of these newer boards have added benefits like built-in LAN (mine supports 1000mbps!) inbuilt Firewire and extra USB ports (I now have 8 on the board compared to 4 previously.)

    Boards are getting very cheap now too.

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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    thanks, but i\'m sort of hoping not to throw the baby out with the bath water. new mobo would probably mean new ram too, not to mention a new SATA drive as you suggest.

    i\'m just hoping to get 160 voices from this machine, and keep it as a GS 2.5 machine. i\'ll probably save the big $$ for future additional machines. (this one is giga #2)

    anyway, i\'ll keep it in mind as a possible solution, but i\'d like to get up and running for as little extra $ as possible.

    btw, if anyone has any suggestions of other potential causes of the problem/solutions, i\'m all ears.

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    IDE controller suggestion?

    Can anyone suggest a PCI IDE controller that they\'ve been able to get all 160 voices with? I recently added a Highpoint Rocket133 (non raid) card to my system, and am getting voice corruption around 120 voices.

    i tried moving the cards around in my computer and changing sound cards so i believe that this card is the culprit.


    1.7G Celron
    200GB WD 8MB HD
    1GB RAM
    RME HDSP 9652

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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    I recently bought a SIIG PCI to ATA 133 Controller Card for my samples HD (WD 160GB, 7200 RPM, 8ms seek time). I\'m getting 160 voices fine.


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    Re: IDE controller suggestion?

    just wanted to follow up on this in case anyone\'s searching the archives for a solution to this problem.

    there was nothing wrong with the IDE controller. something was wrong with either windows, some driver or gigastudio.

    i reinstalled everything on another drive and it works again. a pain, but the problem is gone.

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