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Topic: New MIDI Keyboard

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    New MIDI Keyboard

    I\'m looking for a new midi keyboard, with no sounds in it... just the keyboard. I want it to have a simple, elegant look (little or no fluff unless really useful.. in which case you will have to tell be how [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )... any ideas?

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    Fatar - Music Industries

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    Let me know how your MIDI controller (keyboard) search goes - I\'m looking for an 88 key controller & I don\'t need sounds onboard either. But I do need something with a clear, simple interface. My old Kurzweil 2000 will make anybody crazy who\'s tring to assign voices to keys, split the keyboard, etc.

    I\'d also like a weighted action, if possible.

    So let me know what you find - meanwhile Ive got a Kurzweil keybaord for sale in the Bay Area .... 510 444 6232 .... great sound for those who don\'t care about the MIDi interface.

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    I have a Fatar Studiologic SL880 Pro and like it quite a bit. But, I have seen that M-Audio is releasing a new weighted 88 key USB controller...the Keystation Pro 88...it has faders, knobs, a cool graphic display and I believe is powered by USB! M-Audio doesn\'t have price or release info yet other than 2nd quarter.

    http://www.m-audio.net/index.php?do=media.new&ID=f1d5e9fa5f5ab5ee94f61b9b 262d906c

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    posted 03-03-2004 07:39 AM


    My old Kurzweil 2000 will make anybody crazy who\'s tring to assign voices to keys, split the keyboard, etc.
    It\'s often a LOT easier to do that sort of thing within your MIDI sequencer application, where you can really see thing on a nice screen (plus save, organize and archive).
    Lee Blaske

    Thanks, Lee - another argument for getting into a sequencing program. Unlike 90% of the people on this forum, I\'m a Finale user almost exclusively.

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:

    I think the best action out there today for MIDI control is the one that Yamaha makes for the Motif8, MotifES8 and S90.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That\'s why I went over budget and bought the Motif ES8. Amazing control and you have also the choice to change the velocity response to your playing style: soft, normal and hard and fixed.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: New MIDI Keyboard

    You also get the S90 keyaction in the Yamaha S08. (Note I wrote S08 not S80....the old S80 had great key action for its day but can\'t compete with the awesome action on the new S90/S08/Motif)


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