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Topic: Gigastudio AES/EBU output

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    Gigastudio AES/EBU output

    I\'m looking for a way to deliver sixteen AES/EBU outputs from my Giga PC into a Digidesign 192 Digital I/O.

    It seems that there are a host of solutions for ADAT connectivity (48khz), but that the AES/EBU offerings are few and far between.

    This is the only option I\'ve been able to find: Lynx AES16.

    Does anyone know of alternatives here?

    TIA, bobson.

    [I\'m crossposting this in the Gigastudio forum.]

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    Re: Gigastudio AES/EBU output

    Hi Lee.

    I\'m looking for sixteen single-wire up to 96khz (eight dual-wire if I ever found the need to go above 96khz). I agree that 32 singles would be a little over the top.

    I currently work just as you\'ve described, using eight 44.1khz ADAT outs for roughing-in and two 88.2khz s/pdif outs to print from a Terratec EWS88D PCI card.

    I\'m upgrading to HD3, and figure since I\'m going to be dismantling the lawnmower anyway, now would be a good time to sharpen the GS blades. I intend to mix completely w/in PT, thereby relegating my GS rig to the role of dedicated sample playback device -- no faders, no pots, no fx.

    I like the idea of simultaneous AES/EBU outs for two reasons:

    1. During rough-in, I can monitor all sampled tracks at my target rate of 88.2khz.
    2. After rough-in, I can print all sampled tracks in one shot.

    ...assuming I don\'t go over sixteen channels, of course.

    I recognize that these are marginal upgrades, but hey, a man\'s gotta do what it takes to have a nice-looking lawn.



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    Re: Gigastudio AES/EBU output

    Nice deduction. The closest I get to orchestral emulation is Tom Waits, Paolo Conte, et. al.

    Good thinking on a second GS box. I\'ll do a cost-benefit on that versus the Lynx.

    However, I don\'t know if I really want to build one of those golf course behemoths. I\'ve heard the ladies say that real men don\'t sit on their lawnmowers, they push them.

    On Gigapulse and VST w/in GS, I\'m hoping to simplify the mix process, but yes, I\'ll check them out when they arrive. Perhaps Rewire in GS 3.0 will float my mower.


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