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Topic: Any Logic Audio/FW-1884 users-PLEASE HELP!

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    Any Logic Audio/FW-1884 users-PLEASE HELP!

    I recently switched over to Logic Audio from DP. I\'m currently using Logic Audio version 6.13 with the Tascam FW-1884 control surface.I cannot get the FW-1884 to communicate with the Logic Track Mixer. When I move the hardware faders the faders in Logic don\'t respond. Both Emagic and Tascam told
    me to set the input and output in the Logic menu- Control Surface/Preferences/setup- to FW-1884 Control Port. I\'m able to select this in the output,
    but everytime I try to select it on the setup input it won\'t let me- instead it just defaults to Port 4. It\'s very strange. I\'ve tried reinstalling the FW-1884 drivers, etc.

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!



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    Re: Any Logic Audio/FW-1884 users-PLEASE HELP!

    Things can get corrupted in Logic. Try removing your Logic prefs (but don\'t throw them out, because you don\'t want to set them up again).

    And I have no idea where the prefs are in OS X...

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