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Topic: Advice from composers-SMPTE or NOT?

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    Advice from composers-SMPTE or NOT?

    I\'m using a MOTU MTP/AV as a midi interface. I\'m considering selling it because I have plenty of MIDI ins and outs on my Tascam FW-1884. I want to know if many composers are using
    the SMPTE or any other type of synchronization (besides word clock) when scoring to picture . Are you finding that using a quicktime movie loaded in your sequencer is adequate for synchronizing your music to picture or are you locking to external time code?

    Any opinions on this would be most welcome.


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    Re: Advice from composers-SMPTE or NOT?

    I haven\'t slaved to external smpte for at least a couple of years. i get everything as a quicktime, or capture it myself.
    not having to shuttle is an enormous time saver, and seems kinda stone age to me now.

    if you capture it yourself be wary of the drift that can creep into a long project due to the vagaries of different video decks.

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    Re: Advice from composers-SMPTE or NOT?


    Thanks-very good info!


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