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Topic: Question about raptors.

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    Question about raptors.

    Hey all,

    Are the 36GB Raptors noisy? There are some reports that they are alot noisier than their 74GB counterparts. Has anyone noticed this, or does anyone see this as a main audio issue for recording?

    I am still tossing up whether to go single 74GB (reportedly quieter and faster seek time) or 2 x 36GB (more throughput through dual RAID configuration).

    Comments appreciated,

    Ben H

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    Re: Question about raptors.

    My 3U rackmount case uses 2 of the 36 GB Raptors in a RAID 0 config. I fully expected them to be noisy but was very pleasantly suprised that they were not. My rackmount case fans on the other hand....


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