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Topic: Memory Leak Problem?

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    Memory Leak Problem?

    What is a memory leak and how do I get rid of it?

    I just installed a little app. that gives a read-out, amongst other things, of how much memory is being used and then frees up memory that has not been released by programs after they\'re closed.

    Another task it performs is it shows memory still available and as it sits there, the readout continues to dwindle. Is this indicative of a memory leak? What causes this?

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    Re: Memory Leak Problem?

    A memory leak occurs when a defect in program code cause a continuous increase in memory use when there really is nothing gained in return. In this sitution, if the software you are evaluating for a leak, you will see memory use climb higher and higher the longer the program runs, until perhaps there is a shortage of available memory. You can run Task Manager in Win2000/XP to show how much memory is being used by particular programs in real time.


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