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Topic: which soundcard or audio interface?

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    which soundcard or audio interface?

    I\'m bewildered...

    I have a Audigy 2 Platium ex. I like the external pod that allows me to plug in my guitar and headphones without climbing behind my computer or getting down on my knees to look at a front panel I/F. I like 24/96 recording support (though all I\'ve used is 16/44.1...). The card sounds good playing back through my hifi amp/monitors.

    I like the MIDI/Soundfont support. I have no issues with the card as a GM MIDI playback device. (I run a 48M custom GM bank...)

    I don\'t use it for games. I don\'t do 5.1 surround. I don\'t use the EAX features. All I do is GM MIDI and DA I/O. (I use a MOTU ExpressXT for external MIDI devices.)

    On the down side - I don\'t like the latency, limitation of 48K sample rate with ASIO, general instability issues I\'ve had getting Sonar3\'s audio engine to run without stopping, etc.

    Plus, it seems there are a lot of people out there that hate Creative Labs products...

    I want to run Gigastudio. I\'d like sub 5ms latency. I\'d like rock-solid performace without driver issues. And I\'d like to be free to select any bit rate and sample width.

    All I really need is one mic/instrument input and a couple line level inputs. I really only need one external audio output. (I think anyway...) Some day portability might be a plus.

    I\'m looking at KX drivers, but it sounds like ASIO is still limited to 48K sample rate, latency is still around 10ms with Sonar, and there isn\'t 24/96 support. But they\'re free and I could get GSIF support for Giga.

    Should I go back to my SB Live for GM Midi playback and buy a different digital audio interface?

    Should I look for a product that covers MIDI/Soundfont as well as DA I/O?

    Should I go with a Firewire or USB device?

    Any recommendations? (I\'m weary from an education at the school of hard knocks!)


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    Re: which soundcard or audio interface?

    The Audigy is really not a professional (or even semi) card. It is meant for gamers and other consumers who want a bit more. If you want to get serious with ASIO drivers get an RME, M-Audio or Terratec card.

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    Re: which soundcard or audio interface?

    Well, as you now have(unfortunately) have
    Audigy 2, you can try to live with it or
    keep it as midi/soundfont card and get
    proper audio card with GSIF drivers!

    I would choose second choice if money
    doesn\'t matter. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Just now I have three different cards in my PC system working greatly; Echo Audio Mia for
    Sonar 3 and Audio, SW1000XG for sounds and
    SB Live! for midi ( and sometimes maybe for soundfonts, If comes situation that I\'m running
    out of CPU power and need extra hardware sounds).

    \"Should I go back to my SB Live for GM Midi playback and buy a different digital audio interface?\"

    As I said, this would be best possible
    choice. Especially If you don\'t want to
    fight with Audigy anymore. And SB Live/Audigy
    is still great simple hardware sampler with FX
    for soundfonts!

    \"Should I look for a product that covers MIDI/Soundfont as well as DA I/O?\"

    Indeed, there\'s no other alternative for
    soundfonts and midi as Audigy/Live.
    Otherhand, you would nicely play soundfonts
    with almost any software sampler(Gigastudio
    too)and get separate midi interface, but I
    still think SB live works perfectly as midi

    \"Should I go with a Firewire or USB device?\"

    As I understand, you have desktop system,
    so forget at least USB choices.
    they are too slow!
    Firewire will be ok, and good if you have
    both laptop and desktop!
    Still PCI is the fastest way to go, so stick with it! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


    These new Emu cards looks attractive and they
    are cheap, unfortuntaly without GSIF drivers!

    With Emu 1820 m you would have two great mic preamps for mics and guitars etc.
    Sound quality is superb, in par with Lynx Two
    and Protools HD! [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Not bad!

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