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Topic: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

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    Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    My saga of the last few days – I’ll try to be brief:

    New Dell Dimension 8300, running Windows XP Home. 1 GB RAM. 120GB Hard drive. Very fast machine. Loved using it for the past few weeks for internet and a little word processing et al. Soundblaster Live with 5.1 support. Midisport Uno 1x1 interface connected thru the front USB port. Roland PC-200 MK II controller. Doing almost exclusively composition. No real digital recording needs.

    Just purchased Sibelius 3, Garritan Personal Orchestra (and PhotoScore Pro but never got to installing it).

    Installed Sibelius 3 (together with Kontakt Player Silver and Scorch). All was well. Started Sibelius 3 and received a blue screen “stop error” that Windows had shut down to protect my computer. Per instructions, turned off computer and back on. New stop error (slightly different than the previous one). 90 minutes with Microsoft Customer Service – all manner of attempts to do a repair and install but to no avail - the computer wouldn\'t let them access the repair option. They decided it was a hardware problem. 2 hours with Dell Customer Service and basically, a complete re-install of Windows was needed (thankfully, a new computer, so very little stored on it – except my tax return!).

    Re-formatted hard drive using debug script. Re-installed Windows from scratch together with bundled programs, SoundBlaster drives, Midisport driver and Office Small Business. All was well. All programs working fine. Re-installed Sibelius. Again, installation was fine. Opened the program and received a stop error. Turned off computer and then back on and this time, it re-booted without the error. Uninstalled Sibelius. All other programs still functioning normally. Installed Garritan Personal Orchestra. Installed OK. Opened program and received same stop error as in previous paragraph. Once again, forced to re-format hard drive and re-installed Windows from scratch together with other programs (but NOT Sibelius or GPO).

    At this point, I figured the problem was probably not with the software but perhaps with the sound card or the MIDI driver since two separate programs, both audio/MIDI-related, had triggered such crippling stop errors.

    Went to Creative Audio website to make sure I had the latest drivers for the sound card. Went to M-Audio website to make sure I had the most recent driver for the interface. Then re-installed Sibelius. Installed OK. Opened the first time OK. Closed it and thought all was well. Downloaded Sibelius 3.1 update. Opened Sibelius and received the stop error. Thankfully, not the crippling one (I was able to re-start into Windows). Still, ugh.

    Anyone have any ideas what is wrong with my machine – what I can do to fix? Is any of my hardware inherently incompatible and therefore causing these massive errors? My random thoughts are:

    -- does Sibelius work with “Soundblaster Live!” or does it require an Audigy-series card?

    -- if Sibelius does work with Soundblaster Live, is it possible that Kontakt Silver is causing the error? My understanding (though I am a novice) is that Kontakt requries a soundcard with an ASIO driver and that the Soundblaster cards have a lesser driver (whereas the Audigy has the ASIO driver). And this would explain why both Sibelius and GPO caused the stop error. If this is true, would it follow that if I installed Sibelius without Kontakt Player that the program would not cause a stop error (however un-useful that might be for me)?

    -- Is there any reason to think that the MIDI interface is causing the problem? I know that MIDI devices can be connected via the gameport as well but I know of people that use the Midisport thru a USB port on their Dell without incident and the driver is indeed the latest one, (3/7/04) downloaded from the M-audio website and supposedly written specifically for XP.

    Basically, if there is anyone out there with some expertise (which is anyone except me) who has ideas on how I can troubleshoot this problem -- either via software or hardware, I would be most grateful. I was so looking forward to getting started with Sibelius and GPO and all I’ve had is 3 days of agony.

    Many thanks,
    E. Landau
    New York, NY

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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!


    I feel your pain. Could you give me the exact text of the error message you are encountering? Right off the bat, I\'ve got to tell you it sounds like a hardware issue. Could be almost any component, though. Let\'s start with the error message and work from there.


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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    Originally posted by ZiggyBway:
    -- does Sibelius work with “Soundblaster Live!” or does it require an Audigy-series card?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Why not get a decent card? They start at 150 € nowadays. Creative makes consumer junk, which is totally not suited for any running a sampler and sequencer using ASIO. I\'ve struggled with creative a few months when I received my Audigy II platinum card, but I couldn\'t even get the breakout box to work on any of the pc\'s I installed it on.

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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    I can tell for sure that Sibelius 3.1. works with Soundblaster cards. Though it sounds like you have a hardware problem, the first thing I would try is to re-install Sibelius without Kontakt Silver. If you\'re going to use GPO on the same computer, you won\'t really want Silver anyway. You also might think of getting a USB or Firewire Sound Card. Creative stuff is really for the consumer market. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    The problem is very likely the drivers for the SB Live. They are VERY problematic with W2K or XP. Remove the SB Live and install a better soundcard, and your problems will likely disappear. I have a Dell 330 Precision Workstation at work that came with an SB Live card. I had constant sound problems with it until I finally removed the SB Live and got an Echo Mia. No problems since.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    Well I can vouch for the MAudio Audiophile 2496 soundcard I just bought 2 of them and put my Delta 44 away in a box in my closet...lol. I am using xp and it works awesome on here, no clicks, pops or dropouts yet. Very inexpensive also, cheaper then most of the new SB stuff and better quality.


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    Re: Newbie/Amateur depsperately in need of help!

    Interesting thread...might someone point to a list of \"recommended\" audio cards for Sibelius (or other notation programs) &amp; GPO?


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