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Topic: Anyone use RAID for Gigastudio ?

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    Anyone use RAID for Gigastudio ?

    Does any one use a RAID to store samples for
    Gigastudio? I want to hear your experience.
    Does using a RAID really make thing faster?


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    Re: Anyone use RAID for Gigastudio ?

    Ive just bought a new motherboard with ATA RAID on-board.

    However, I am presently using the two extra IDE connectors as dedicated normal ATA connections, one for my 160G sample drive, and one for my 160G Recorded Audio drive (operating system resides on another drive, and a separate IDE connector).

    1. Having only set up my new board I have not tried to set up RAID ... but not actually convinced it will be beneficial. Isn\'t RAID just a means of mirroring two hard drives.

    2. Having my 3 hard drives connected to 3 dedicated IDE ports has not speeded things up as I hoped. In fact I am now getting crackles and popping when I play back my samples.

    3. The extra IDE ports, which are controlled by a dedicated RAID CPU (but opering in ATA mode), slow down boot up times considerably as the RAID CPU \"scans\" them when booting up the machine. This extra scan takes about 60 seconds.

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    Re: Anyone use RAID for Gigastudio ?

    My GigaStudio PC has two 80GB HDs arranged in a RAID array via a PCI IDE interface. Essentially, I have one 160GB storage space.

    A RAID array is not necessarily for just mirroring. There\'s also striping, where one portion of data goes on one drive, then an equally large portion on the other, back to the first, and so on. The only problem with striping is you don\'t have data redundancy: when one drive goes, the entire RAID array does.

    However, there usually is a performance improvement because you have two physical drives seeking for data instead of one. I\'ve been able to push to 160 voices successfully with no dropouts or any artifacts. Then again, I also have 1.5GB of memory in the darn thing! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    My take: works fine!

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