I\'ve read that in windows (and when I try to remember really hard, I actually knew this, since 4 GB is maximum adressable space in 32 bit computers and windows use half of that for driver space; at least that\'s what my murky depths seem to remember about processor technology) more than 2 gig of memory isn\'t doing much for you.

That leads me to windows 64 bit edition; I\'ve been putting off buying a new computer until the Athlon socket 939 boards, and not least PCI-X is here, and the Athlon 64 and FX processors can do 64 bit windows.

Have anyone heard rumours or facts pertaining to development of drivers and software for 64 bit windows? Personally I just think add a different switch to the compile and have it in 64 bit, but I\'m sure that no one would distribute such an app without testing etc.