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Topic: Hard Drive Size

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    Hard Drive Size

    With the size of the sample libraries getting bigger, what size Hard Drive are people using for Giga? The Tascam site recommends you don\'t use a drive bigger than 60-80GB. I am running out of space on my current 60GB drive and don\'t think I can add another internal drive (I may be but am unsure). Is anyone using 120GB or bigger drives for samples?
    Is anyone using external Firewire drives for samples.

    David Russell

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    Re: Hard Drive Size

    I tihknk you\'ll find a lot of people using larger drives than 80 GB these days, and although firewire is becoming more popular I think most people are still using SATA/PATA drives.
    For myself, I am using 2 x 80 GB Western Digitals at the moment but that will definitely have to increase within the next 6 months or so...I can\'t really see to many issues anymore with the bigger drives as the seek times and read/write speeds are generally better than any drive in the 80 GB range from what I have seen.
    Cn\'t answer much about firewire though sorry...

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    Re: Hard Drive Size

    I\'m using a 160 gig drive for samples. It works great.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Hard Drive Size

    Tascam recommends the 60-80 GB size because they say that larger drives have more platters and each platter is thinner thereby not as sturdy. But I am glad to see 160GB being used!

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