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Topic: a quick ADAT sync question

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    a quick ADAT sync question

    I have four slave computers each with a Frontier Designs Dakota audio interface. The ADAT output from these cards are fed into my DAW which is running a Frontier Designs Dakota/Montana bundle as its audio interface.

    All cards involved use ADAT sync, which I\'ve got to admit I don\'t understand in the slightest. All I know is I\'ve read a lot about syncronization issues and so I assume I will have them. So I ask you guys what device if any do I need to make use of this ADAT sync and make everything lock together?


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    Re: a quick ADAT sync question

    Why don\'t you ask Brian at Frontier Design. brian@frontierdesign.com
    I only use their cards and found their technical guys to be helpful and on the ball.

    Good luck

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    Re: a quick ADAT sync question

    Just encase Brian at Frontier Design is busy try this. I may be way off beam but it works for me.
    I have eight Giga PCs running in line and lock each PC via SPDIF. Giga one sound card should be set to clock source INTERNAL, take SPDIF out to, SPDIF in of next PC. Set that PC sound card clock source to Dig In and so on.

    On Giga settings Hardware make sure you select the correct outputs, not SPDIF or your Giga sounds will go down the SPDIF line. Hope this helps.

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