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Topic: Reading Messages?

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    Reading Messages?

    Um -- I can\'t read any messages here.

    Nice forum otherwise <bg> but this is going to make it inconvenient to visit if I can\'t see anything. I\'m using Mozilla (no way I\'m going to IE) but I don\'t have problems with any other forums. Here I can see the forum listings for messages, but none of them have any hyperlinks to click on.

    Since I won\'t be able to see any replies, perhaps someone can PM or email me with answers (mkelley at doit dot state dot nv dot us).

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    Re: Reading Messages?

    Hmmm -- how interesting. I come back here an hour later and all is well.

    I\'m guessing that someone fixed this issue (I also emailed Papa about this). Either that or I was hallucinating (however, I had tried exiting Mozilla and coming back in with no luck earlier).

    As Emily would say, \"Never mind.\"

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