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Topic: REAKTOR in Cubase SX HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    REAKTOR in Cubase SX HELP!!!!!!!!!!


    I am having enourmous difficulty using Native Instruments Reaktor. I can\'t seem to get ANY sound from the ensembles etc. out of it when I use the VST in Cubase SX. The program on my midi track reads <empty>...I\'m not sure how to fix this since I load an ensemble from within reaktor.

    The only thing I am able to hear is when I play the sequenced ensembles when I open Reaktor as a standalone.

    Am I missing something overly obvious? I\'ve never had any problems like this with other Virtual Instruments. I creat a Midi track, assign a VST instr, make sure the \"out\" on the midi track lines up with the VST...and then I select a patch and everything works.

    Please let me know if I am overlooking something.

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    Re: REAKTOR in Cubase SX HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, well u should probbaly be posting this in the NI reaktor Forum, but... have u checked to see that the reaktor Cpu icon is ON. On some inst. SOLO must be activated..Midi channel is set to any. Ins and outs are correct. Some ensembles will only work if \"Play\" is ON. Do u have the latest update..? Registered? etc...etc..Rich

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    Re: REAKTOR in Cubase SX HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Piano Guy,
    I recently had the same exact problem. I searched cubase.net because I figured it was a Cubase thing, not a Reaktor thing. I was right. You have to update Cubase SX to the most recent version.

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