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Topic: Where is GPO for os 9 ???

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    Where is GPO for os 9 ???

    Hi everyone
    Just got my GPO yesterday. I am on PB TI 867/1Gb RAM/Logic PRO/
    Installation and upgrade-registration on OS X was ok, but after putting the Install CD while in os 9
    I found no Installers.
    How can I install GPO on os 9
    Thank You

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    Re: Where is GPO for os 9 ???

    ask NI about that. I think you are SOL


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    Re: Where is GPO for os 9 ???

    Hi Kukuriko,
    You\'ll need to be in OSX to install and to use Garritan Personal Orchestra. OS9 isn\'t a supported operating system. From your post it looks like you have OSX, so I\'d suggest for you to simply install it there and use GPO in OSX. If you don\'t have OSX, you\'d need to get Apple OSX first before trying to install/use GPO.

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    Re: Where is GPO for os 9 ???

    Thank you guys
    I am on both os X and 9. I didn\'t know that GPO is not supported on os 9.
    Christianb, what\'s SOL ??
    thank you

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