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Topic: How much must I quote some midi files?

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    How much must I quote some midi files?

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    Somebody is contacting me to make some Karaoke songs. Can anybody tell me how much I earn for this kind of work? I think I´m going to make a complete catalog (at least 500 MF)



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    Re: How much must I quote some midi files?

    The main thing to keep in mind is that if anything, MIDI files will be even more work than the more realistic sounding sampled stuff we work on with all the great tools. That means, you must try not to charge less than you would for anything else. Just because it won\'t sound as huge as streaming music, doesn\'t mean that you must charge less. So, go by what you would charge for music in any other situation. Perhaps charge by the completed minute of music.

    Good luck

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    Re: How much must I quote some midi files?

    I would charge even more, because you have to do some level of compatibility testing. If that\'s really a serious song count, and the quality demands are for a first class job, you\'re talking about a $600,000-750,000 gig. You have to do the lifts, get it sounding hot, and program the lyrics...not a small amount of work.

    If I were approached by someone with that scope of midi/transcription job, I would definitely hire in a team of young people, and manage the process, rather than trying to do the whole thing myself. That is a mind-numbing amount of work.

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    Re: How much must I quote some midi files?

    I worked for a while for a major Karoake company in NYC around 10 years ago doing midi programming. The job involved programming for a proprietary box made by Yamaha. The midi programming had to be done to the highest standards of accuracy etc. I recall it paid 500 or 600 a tune.

    Although you weren\'t asking about the work itself, I will say........firstly, that it was underpaid.....secondly, that it really improved my midi chops......thirdly, that I learned a lot from transcribing every detail of some great tunes........fourthly, and ultimately....that it quite quickly became a depressing drudgery.....I don\'t think a creative musician could do this kind of work indefinately. Maybe you\'re different. That was my experience, hope it helps. Best of luck.


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    Re: How much must I quote some midi files?

    Wow, what a gig. I just noticed the number of songs. That may require some subcontracting depending on the deadline. If you accurately did one tune a day, that would be over a year. Sounds like you should scale the price according to the deadline. The longer the deadline, the more tunes you can do yourself and keep more of the money and therefore charge a little less. However, if they are in a hurry, you will have to hire some help and split the money with the help. Then you must charge more. Also, consider the amount of tunes. The more they promise to buy, you can work in a bulk rate. The less they want, the higher the amount. So, the combination of deadline and actual amount of tunes should help you work a price for them. Like I said, though, charge the same as if they were audio tunes and not MIDI. Some people shortchange MIDI file work and think they should pay less for it since it doesn\'t usually sound as good as audio.

    Good luck with that and don\'t hesitate to PM me if you wind up needing help on this. I got Team Fat (www.fatman.com) resources here with alot of GM experience including compatibility testing. (The Fat Seal of approval for GM cards)

    Take it easy.

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    Re: How much must I quote some midi files?

    Thanks for your help and tips!!

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