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Topic: International Linux Audio Conference in Germany

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    International Linux Audio Conference in Germany

    For anyone interested, be it a developer, a sample library/virtual instruments producer, journalist, studio engineer, end user, or enthusiast I\'d invite you to check out this:

    In cooperation with people of the Linux Audio Developers Mailinglist , the Institute for Music and Acoustics at the Center for Art and Media , Karlsruhe/Germany invites to the 2nd International Linux Audio Conference to be held from Thursday, April 29 2004 to Sunday, May 02 2004 at the Institute for Music and Acoustics, ZKM, Karlsruhe/Germany.

    The conference is open to anyone, no entry fee, no registration required.

    here for complete infos: (where you find infos about about how to get there, accomodation etc)


    here the list of talks and presentations

    All talks and presentations will be held in english since it\'s an international conference
    (over 30 talks from developers and experts from all over the world)

    I\'ll be there too and give a talk and a demo about LinuxSampler and it\'s current status.

    We look forward to meet you there.
    If you have additional questions or need infos just ask here or private message me.



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    Re: International Linux Audio Conference in Germany


    Thanks for the invitation. Since the vast majority of us won\'t be able to attend, how about a quick update about the Linux sampler and what you see happening. Have you tested and found and of the current versions of sequencers running well on Linux?

    Since Linux is open source, how have you addressed piracy issues for sample libraries?

    Thanks, again.

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    Re: International Linux Audio Conference in German

    Crikey thats some interesting software you\'ve got developing there. Perhaps one day i shall be able to run VSL under linux? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Actually perhaps you might know, is there any linux sequencer software that can do VSTis?

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    Re: International Linux Audio Conference in German

    Hi Peter,
    I\'ve seen you at NAMM at the sampling booths, I wanted to come to say hello but you were busy in a conversation so I did not want to disturb you, I was nearby with Paul Davis, author of the ardour DAW http://www.ardour.org , with a laptop showing the VSL guys a live demo of linuxsampler.
    Perhaps we can shake hands at next NAMM if I make it there [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyway this is the current status of the sampler:

    Regarding the Linux Audio Conference talks, don\'t worry if you cannot make it there. All talks will be webcasted (audio stream in mp3 format) live plus they will be archived on http://www.linuxaudiodev.org site like last year.
    Plus all slides of the talks will be available on the site too.

    The sampler still has some small bugs that causes some brackground noise in some cases, some velocity/filter curves need to be tuned a bit but these are all relatively small problems nothing to worry about.
    Regarding the performance some benchmark I did yesterday:
    Athlon 2000, compressed gig sample, envelopes and reverb on, peak of 200 voices at ca 75% of CPU usage and I think the engine can still be optimized more.

    Our first priority is to get the GIG (version 2) format working perfectly.
    Afterwards we plan to add formats like Kontakt (but don\'t expect, at least in the beginning to be able to emulate all the filters of Kontakt, we aim more to be able to allow good playback of natural instruments that come only in Kontakt format since some producers seemed to depart from the .GIG format because the lack of 24bit etc ... let\'s see how it evolves.
    Anyway even with just .GIG format (version 2) the number of samples available for linux sampler is really big since most high quality sample libraries are avalable in that format, including VSL.

    lumpyhed: you wrote \"Perhaps one day i shall be able to run VSL under linux?\".
    You can remove the smiley because it will soon be possible.
    VSL does nothing special. It\'s just a huge collection of .GIG files combined with their performance tool.
    The performance tool can be run on windows since it\'s just a MIDI filter. (parses the midi events from your MIDI keyboard / sequencer in real time and then triggers the right samples (like legato samples) by spitting out MIDI events to gigastudio.
    One just needs to tell the performance tool to send the MIDI events to a physical midi out that is connected with a LinuxSampler machine or even better use midi over ethernet (DMIDI etc) we will provide a free windows driver too, since when running clusters of machines midi over ethernet is cheaper and more fleasible than a bunch of hardware midi outs/ins.

    BTW, did I tell you that we now have a guy adding CoreAudio and CoreMIDI support to LinuxSampler ? And thanks of the crossplatform nature of the Qt GUI both the engine and the GUI will soon run on Mac OS X too [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Regarding the copyprotection: .GIG (v2) does not have any kind of CP so this is not an issue for now. But we will look if it will be possible to combine opensource sampling engines with CP schemes that protect the samplelibrary producer\'s IP. We all know it\'s not an easy problem to solve .... see the posts here on NS.
    Personally I\'d opt for individual watermarks but I\'m not sure if that would be fleasible for sample library producers.

    I\'ll update you here with the news from the conference (links to slides, mp3s of the talks etc).


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