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Topic: What do you charge for a film?

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    What do you charge for a film?

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    I really need some help here quick. What do you guys charge for scoring an independent film? I\'m sure some of you out there are film composers, so hopefully you can help me out.
    What do you charge per minute of music? Does it vary according to the style? Do you look at your client\'s ability to pay first? If so, how do you find out how much they can afford to pay? Do you just throw out a high number first and then negotiate down?

    I just got an email from an independent film producer asking for my rate for 10 minutes of music, and I need some advice on how to respond. He didn\'t give me any web address or any information on the film either.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: What do you charge for a film?

    Somone IMd me saying $1000 per min was good, but that some producers want 3-5 thousand for the whole picture.

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    Re: What do you charge for a film?

    So is 3-5k the right price for an indie if you\'re doing it completely out of your own studio (it seems like you\'re pretty much giving it away at that price in exchange for intangibles)? And 2k per minute if you\'re using an orchestra/live musicians/recording studio?

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    Re: What do you charge for a film?

    I agree that the budgets on indie films can vary greatly from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Unfortunately, most of the time there\'s not really that much to negotiate. I would flat out ask them what their budget is for music (that\'s the first question any agent\'s going to ask them, it\'s not really a secret) - most of the time they will have a number set (usually lower than you\'d like). I don\'t really know how applicable the per minute formula works for films. They say the music budget is usually 1 to 2 percent of the film\'s budget so on a million dollar film 10K isn\'t unreasonable, but usually the score budget is the same for films from 1 to say 5 million - usually bad. When you get into the say 10 mil film, then there may more room for negotiation - but on a budget like this you could be going against big name composers. If this is a smaller film, I would say see if a) there are any name actors in it b) is there any chance for distribution c) was it shot on film (I can only think of a few DV films that actually get distributed) and if you answered yes to any of the above, it\'s probably worth doing. I don\'t think you\'ll get the bigger dollar movies without doing the smaler l/no dollar films first - you\'ve got to hope that people that you work with at earlier stages in their careers will remember you as the work their way up - hopefully.....


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