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Topic: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

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    My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    My first attempt using GPO (Your Passion). I wrote this for my wife this week after seeing The Passion of the Christ. I believe God bestows a special grace on people who suffer long illnesses.


    There are past Easter songs in various stages on the site also some miscellaneous stuff. Some are just ideas or fragments. You will probably notice I tend to use Gigaharp like a guitar and love choirs.

    My wife thinks everything I write sounds familiar so I guess I shouldn’t claim that I wrote any of them.

    I ordered the Bela D Media Diva bundle and can’t wait to use it. I plan on substituting the Diva voices for the SOV voices in Your Passion when it arrives. Thank you Gary and everyone involved with GPO for such a great product. I hope this shows that even a novice that had a few piano lessons 40 years ago can have a blast with it!

    (p.s. I decided with so many great GPO songs posted I could no longer do any permanent damage to the library! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img])


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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)


    How appropriate for the season. Very reflective and meditative. Nice GigaHarp part and orchestration.

    The Diva voices will sound excellent in this piece. Try doing some layering when you get them. Also, you may try more space - a vast cathedral!

    Hope you wouldn\'t mind if it\'s posted on the GPO demo page when you\'re ready.

    Thank you very much for posting this.


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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    \"Very reflective and meditative.\" Gary, said it best. I would be honored to hear DIVA on this track!

    For your reference... Daniel Moy has two movements on our site that are based on the crucifixion and the resurrection.

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    My wife said “What are you doing up at 2:00 in the morning”? I said “Gary and Frank commented on my song and I need to work on it”! Thank you both so much for the advice. I wonder if you realize the importance of that feedback to someone like me. (I posted a revised version based on your comments)

    The song has 12 Sonar audio tracks and in the original I put BBE Sonic Maximizer on each track and put one instance of Soundstage on the main bus. For the revised version I took the Soundstage off the main and put individual instances on each track (Sonar choked in real time so I just bounced to track, listened, revised…). I eliminated the bassoons in the second half and emphasized the bassoons in the first half. I bounced all the tracks but the harp to one track and then mixed the harp in separately to pull it out a little. I then exported the whole thing and hit it with Wavehammer master 16 bit. I tried to adjust the Soundstage EQ and BBE for each track but finally decided my ears aren’t discriminating enough.

    I didn’t say this in the original post but I tried something different with this song. In preparation for Diva I loaded 6 boy choir voices in Halion megatrgger. Instead of using the mod wheel to select them I wrote a CAL program to randomly choose a voice for each note. I did the same thing with the 3 voices in the female solo choir. I can’t wait to try this with Diva!

    Frank your demo songs like the GPO ones are wonderful! I listen to them over and over.

    Gary this is not false modesty but when I have something deserving of your demo page I will feel it. The GPO and Diva demos are works of art. I am constantly surprised by the talent and help here in the forums.
    Thank you,

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    So peaceful and relaxing. I don\'t comment on user demos often because what I have to say has usually already been said (and I try to not to be repetative... unless it warrants it).

    For what this is, it\'s amazing. \"Meditative\" is a perfect description. Very contemplative, thoughtful, and soulful.

    One thing to note, the high frequencies seem to teeter between \"brilliant\" and \"piercing\" (those are the terms we read about, right?). The airy / breathy instrument packs a lot of highs. Might be a personal thing, but I\'d try weedin\' em out. Hope you can take this as constructively as possible [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    - Junk

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    I can\'t tell you how constructively I take the feedback. My problem is I get lost in the tech talk here sometimes and even though I agree completely I don\'t have the talent/know how to fix it without trial and error. I reworked it several times last night and kept getting distortion at a couple of points. I thought it was bass so I kept adding highs and removing lows (Boy!...does that fit with your comment!) I agree completely and have a couple of ideas I will try today.

    Thank you so much Junk.

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    Very pleasing and appropriate sound, I enjoyed this. I just saw the Passion Thursday evening, and the opening of your piece quickly triggered the opening image of the Garden. ....

    Regarding the EQ issue mentioned, there\'s a standard \'trick\' many people use to achieve a pleasing balance when mixing/mastering their own music - I mention it in case you\'re not aware of it. It\'s to A/B your result against a known entity that works. This approach is valid irrespective of headphones/monitor quality, as long as you make the comparison on the same system. One of the huge benefits is that it is fairly objective - something that tends to get lost as one works on and lives with a piece day in and out over a period of time. It can be made very objective, if you use a frequency spectrum analyzing tool, like the freebie available from Elemental Audio (\"Inspector\")



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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    Thank you both for the great advice. I need to go out this morning so I quickly EQed the whole mix (except the harp) to prevent any tweeter damage! I will work on it when I get home.

    Great help. I\'m learning allot today!

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    Can\'t wait to hear what you do with it later today!

    This is a very nice cue, and adding DIVA should be fun... PM me when you have the newer EQ\'ed version up so I don\'t miss it.

    Very good work.

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    Re: My first GPO song (Your Passion)

    Congrats on the new position Alan! Great choice!
    I will not have a new version today though. I have Soundstage, Cakewalk FxEQ, and this great program Inspector (Thank you so much Trond!) open in Sonar and I\'m experimenting. I feel I have the Secrets to the Universe within reach. There are just so many variables. Do I trust my ears? Do I look at graphs? Where is the proper EQ for each instrument? Which microphone do I use in Soundstage? Should I start from scratch and load the instruments as is in GPO (Pan & Vol) and use Ambiance? For that matter do I use Ambiance, Soundstage, SIR, or Acoustic Mirror? Should I use Sonic Maximizer and/or Wavehammer? All the songs here are not only great compositions but have such high quality!


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