I\'ve been hearing some really cool Silver demos lately and was hoping that I could get a pro anwser maybe from someone that has other libraries and bought silver to try it out.

I guess I could\'ve asked about gold too but silver will probably be my first buy.

So, let me put it like this.....

You have samples already, you know, you load them up, say strings, maybe it\'s Sonic Implants, maybe its some performance ones from VSL or maybe the demo cube, or others collections Miroslav, GPO, Advanced. You add some reverb maybe, then you press your keyboard, \"yeah\", you think, it sounds cool, maybe even nice, but then after a minute or two your like \"hmm, it\'s ok but it still sounds samply (really a word?) and maybe it\'s your playing or the way you mix it.

Then you decide \"ok\", I\'m going to try out Silver or Gold, and load it up. Then when you play your a little more wowed, like maybe it\'s just the way it\'s mixed, but your feel inspired, kind of like what the legato tool did the first time you tried it. Only, this feeling doesn\'t die out as fast and you think maybe this really can work well for what I want. Of course the next step would be Gold then Plat.

I\'m probably talking to just a small percentage of composers that understand the above, but it may just be wishful thinking.

Also, I haven\'t really seen any reviews except that UK one and Keyboard Mag (FEB?) but that wasn\'t really a review it was more about how it was created.

I hope someone can anwser this and I REALLY hope the above is true.