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Topic: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

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    Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    This just off FX-MAX.com

    FX-MAX.com with Ian Livingstone and Dean Evans pleased to introduce a revolutionary program that lightens the laborious engineering work involved in digital scoring and arranging.

    AMP uses a rules system that allows the composer/arranger to define how their instrument and articulations are triggered. For example, when you play a midi note, information based on midi length, velocity, cc# data (whatever you wish) can be pre-defined to trigger an appropriate instrument or articulation without the need for you to use a seperate midi channel within your sequencer. AMP handles this for you and dynamically chooses which midi channel it plays within your sampler.

    AMP will include a large rule library (constantly expanding and downloadable) based on the majority of the major sample libraries and sample playback products (eg. VSL, EWQLSO, Project SAM, Garritan, Sonic Implants, Dan Dean, NSGs etc). As these rules are simple text files they can freely be downloadable. Rules can be stacked and tiered to allow an near infinite amount of rules and possibilities for ultimate user flexibility. Tiered based rules system allows you the composer to define exactly how your instruments are triggered. Use only one midi sequencer track to control a range of instrument articulations. Compatible with all audio libraries as you define the rules. Increased productivity as AMP manages your instrument banks dynamically Realtime instrument/articulation switching.

    Examples in use
    Length Articulation Switching
    Automatically chose from multiple note length articulations simultanously with no effort and no need for keyswitching. AMP does all the hard work by calculating the length of each note played and splitting the phrase up into multiple tracks leaving you to focus on creativity. AMP will ship with pre-configured rules based on all the major sample libraries ie. Project SAM libraries use 7 seperate note length articulations:- Staccatissimo, Staccato, Marcato C (short), Marcato B (medium), Marcato A (long), Long Notes non-looped, Long Notes Looped. Simularly VSL has options for multi note length articulations eg. short, medium and long lengths 0.3sec 0.5sec, 2 sec, 4 sec and Looped.
    Auto alternation
    AMP can replace the need for external midi tools for auto-alternation (eg VSL, GOS, GPO, SAM use transpose based alternation for up/down bows and multiple takes) Sonic Implants uses mod-wheel alternation mode for up/down bows, AMP can also be used to add Auto Alternation to other libraries which include articulations for alternative takes (eg. Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra, Miroslav Vitous etc)
    Legato mode
    AMP can replace external midi tools for legato mode using sustain pedal switching systems (eg Garritan GOS & GPO).
    Spectrasonics True Staccato(tm)
    AMP can auto-calculate the correct keyboard range for short and long note mappings as used on Spectrasonics Trilogy.
    Velocity Based articulation switching
    eg. Switch between String Pizz and String Col-Legno based on velocity without the need to re-program velocity mappings from your sampler.
    Experimental effects
    eg. Mod Wheel can have 4 positions to transpose up 0-3 octaves in real time.
    Limitless possibilities.

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Wow... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the heads up. Sounds extremely interesting.


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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Holy $)(#*$)&!!!!!!!!!

    This is nothing less than amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can increase productivity 10 fold!!!!!!!!!

    SIGN ME UP!!!

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Wow! I am interested in how that thing works in various tempo.

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Kudos to Max, Ian and Dean for undertaking such a project.
    Just saw the announcement at: http://www.fx-max.com/amp.html

    Something like this has been needed in the sampling community for a long time.
    We will be iglad to help with creating some of the MIDI rules for AMP. It\'s good for the sampling community that Max, Ian and Dean had the vision to do such a project.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    excuse me as I try to find more time in the days to make really cool rules.

    Me likey.. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] This is going to make for some amazing library releases soon.

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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Gary & King - your support would be very much appreciated :-)

    [ QUOTE ]
    thanks Wow! I am interested in how that thing works in various tempo.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Ken - if you\'re referring to the Length Articulation switching, it works on milliseconds, so eg if you increase the BPM the tool will just choose shorter articulations. It does it\'s processing in real-time during playback so you don\'t have to worry about any of that.


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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Excuse me

    I am no techie. Even after reading this new tool, I am in the dark. I dont understand what this tool is suppose to do. its all greek to me. Someone could maybe explain it simpler or give an example?

    Help its dark in here


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    Re: Oooohhh - NEW FX-Max tool announced !!!

    Hi Caveman,

    One of the key features of AMP is to examine the midi data entered into your sequencer and assign it to an appropriate instrument / articulation (pizz, stac, legato etc.) within your sampler.

    Normally, if you were writing a passage for an instrument that consisted (for example) of staccatos, marcatos, legatos, etc .. you would need multiple midi tracks within your sequencer to control them all. With this program you need only one. It would then analyze this midi data and based on the rules you set within AMP it determines which midi channels within your sampler to play.


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