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Topic: How to assign patches that changes instruments

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    How to assign patches that changes instruments

    Hi there ,

    please I need your help . I work with Sonar 3.1.1 studio and Gigastudio. When I write the scores for the Strings (I use VSL) I need to open a lot of midi tracks because I need to use for the same score Vibrato , Staccato , Pizzicato , Long and others .

    The question is :

    is possible to assign controllers that automatically change the instruments in a single track ?
    For example from measure 1 to 100 strings Vibrato
    from 100 to 140 strings pizzicato excetera....

    I need to change the sample set on the same midi track (if it\'s possible) , because if I want to write a String score where I need pizzicato , vibrato and many other \"situation\" I need a lot of midi tracks for every articulation .
    My intention is to create a single Strings tracks where I can change the sample set by the use of the Sonar Midi controllers .

    thanks in advance

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    Re: How to assign patches that changes instruments

    Hi there too:

    Of course you can do it. In Sonar just go into your event-view of the track you wish to change, find the time and put your cursor where you wish to put a patch change, add and extra note at that point (click INS), click on the Note column and change it to Controller. Enter the patch number and it will change the sound to the patch you entered.


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    Re: How to assign patches that changes instruments

    You also need to be sure that the .gig file has the desired mjdi program change assigned - if it does not, the Editor allows you to do this very easily.


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