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Topic: Giga crashing my system

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    Giga crashing my system

    Ok I got the latest update Im running Giga 24. It takes so long load and when it\'s loaded it takes a long time just to select an instrument and when I do it loads about half way and does nothing but stay where it\'s at. This sucks!. It\'s as if Giga is lagging.

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    Re: Giga crashing my system

    If you have MidiYoke in your system, uninstall it. MidiYoke and Giga dislike each other.

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    Re: Giga crashing my system

    Thanks OldJarHead, yes I do have midi yoke on my system. So your saying even though I\'m not using midi yoke, Giga still recognizes it?. Wow I would have never thought . I\'ll give it a try. Thanks again! check back later with me .

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    Re: Giga crashing my system

    Should have put this in before:

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Giga crashing my system

    Hey OldJarhead. Did you carry cymbals in a Marine Corp band? If that be the case, Semper Fi from a former SAW machine gun shooter!

    Otherwise, whats with that name?


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    Re: Giga crashing my system

    Hi Dave,

    Right on track. Was the Corp\'s absolute worst horn player at El Toro, Iwakuni, and LeJeune -- so the band officer at LeJeune put me on cymbals. At least I got to make some productive noise.

    Never saw a SAW. When I got out in \'63, the Corp was just bringing in the M14.

    Semper Fidelis (that\'s \"Always Faithful\" for the non-jarheads among us).

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