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Topic: Is anyone able to help or feeling very nice?!

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    Is anyone able to help or feeling very nice?!

    Hi Everyone
    I am having extreme problems with my computer and Gigastudio at the moment and wondered whether anyone may have a solution or would be able to help in any other way. I am trying to render a piece which I wrote in Sibelius through gigastudio and I have saved it as a midi file to free up system resources. However, my system is unable to play it because of the number of instruments involved (it just crashes everytime I hit play - I only have gs96). Therefore, I believe I have two options:

    1: I can try to save it as sectional midi files - that is a file of the woodwind, a file of brass and a file of strings. I can then try to put these through GS and paste them all on top of each other as wav. files in wavestudio. However, I don\'t think the computer will like this because the piece is 30 minutes long. If there is just a slight blip in playback from the midi then there will be a gap in the audio file so that when I try to paste the files together they will not synchronise. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    2: I can forget the whole proceedure or pay some company megabucks to try to do the job for me - unfortunately I don\'t have megabucks so that\'s not an option! Unless anyone out there is feeling very nice and would be able to help...

    Has anyone got any other ideas?!
    Lloyd [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Is anyone able to help or feeling very nice?!

    Option 1 is used alot by composers out there that only use a single computer. Its sort of a manual version of the \"freeze\" function in Logic and Cubase. Its called bouncing the tracks. If you put a synch mark at the begining, that should help you synch it up. It should not drift but you never know with 30 min of music. If it drifts, then you would need to break it into smaller segments. However, I doubt that you would need 3 separate midi files. Can\'t you mute the various tracks and play back the others. Mute everything but woodwinds, record to hard disk, mute woodwinds, unmute brass, record to tracks, etc.. That way everything would be in a single MIDI file. Also, if you have to break it up into smaller segments, they could still be in the same MIDI file I would think. See what happens as you bounce tracks. Also, Giga has a capture to wave option that captures the audio of Giga to wave files that you could try. Otherwise, another option that won\'t drift is to export your MIDI to an audio/midi sequencer like logic, cubase or sonar. The MIDI and audio stays in synch as you capture to disk.

    Anyway, this will all get easier with future options like rewire, fx-teleport and freeze functions but for now, you will need to come up with some sort of bounce to audio option.

    The most fun and ideal option is to have several computers playing all your sounds back at once in real time as you compose. That options would still be cheaper than hiring someone.

    Have fun

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