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Topic: Composer needed ASAP

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    Composer needed ASAP

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    This is REALLLLY important everyone, and I truly hope that some people try to help me out.

    I have a short 3d computer animation for school. It\'s like 1 minute... 1.5 minute animation. I absolutely HAVE to find someone to put music to it. The only music it will need is some background piano music... and that\'s really it. I\'d imagine it\'d take someone no more than like an hour or two to put together. I can\'t offer anything other than your name in the credits. But if anybody is willing to work on this, again, very simple, very short music clip, then PLEASE contact me at jedijr88@aol.com

    If you aren\'t but know someone that might, please if you could email me there contact information. If I don\'t find a composer, I fail, and I don\'t write music, nor know anybody else that does either.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Composer needed ASAP

    Dear jedijrmax ,

    perhaps i can help you.
    Please send your animation to a.max@web.de.

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