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Topic: Bouncing??

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    I CANNOT figure out how to bounce in Kontakt, running OS 9 with DP. Can I do this on any of my external Macs? No response in the Kontakt forum.

    CAN anyone please help????


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    Re: Bouncing??

    I don\'t have DP, but the principle should be the same as Nuendo.
    I assume you have Kontakt running as a VSTi rather than standalone.

    1. Set up a new audio track whose input is the bus to which the Kontakt VSTi outputs(audio, not midi).
    2. Mute any tracks you don\'t wish to be involved with the bounce.
    3. Record on the empty track. It should capture only the unmuted tracks.

    In Nuendo you can also \'export\' an audio mixdown in real or non-real time, with the resultant stereo track being automatically loaded onto its own new track.

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    Re: Bouncing??


    Thanks for your reply. I CAN do it as you describe:

    Route the aux tracks\'s output to an audio track\'s input and put DP into record. But what I thought the BOUNCE option in Kontakt was supposed to do is create an audio file by doing a \'bounce to disk\' from within your sequencer and using that BOUNCE button in Kontakt. But when I try it that way I get the stereo audio file, but it\'s silent.

    Anyone done this in either DP or on a OS9 Mac system?

    Thanks again-

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