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Topic: Audiophile 2496 Ok???

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    Audiophile 2496 Ok???

    Is the audiophile 2496 soundcard good for a dedicated giga computer ???

    And for using giga and v-stack togheter ??

    If this card is not good wat is a good one with analog out ?


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    Re: Audiophile 2496 Ok???

    Hi J,

    I just saw your post, and I saw that it\'s your first. Welcome to the forum!

    I don\'t know about programs other than Gigastudio, but the Audiophile 2496 works very well with Gigastudio, I use the Audiophile 2496 myself. You DO need to have the right drivers for your operating system. Midiman/M-Audio can help you there.


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    Re: Audiophile 2496 Ok???

    I have an Audiophile and hey it\'s great!

    Seems to be the one of the most used budget semi-pro audio cards.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 Ok???

    I actually took out my MAudio 44 Delta in favor of a 2 machine setup with 2 2496 cards. They work better and have more features then that card. Good value and great sound.


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